Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 -h awards

From Kirstin Koch, 4-H Program Coordinator

The Stevens County 4-H Program concluded another blue ribbon year at the 2010 4-H Awards Night, on Saturday, October 9, 2010.

Maria Berlinger of B.E.E.S. 4-H and Darla Nelson of Stampede were among those recognized as a Key Leader.

The 2010 4-H Graduates were recognized for their achievements in 4-H. Local graduates included: Erika Ritter, Maria Cin, Bobbie Johnson and Samantha Lemmerman.

New this year, was the General Livestock Judging Team that participated at the Minnesota State Fair Competition. Members included Mac Kampmeier, Jake Moser, Lloyd Lesmeister, Natalie Johnston, Travis Wulf and Brady Wulf. Coaches were Tyler Evink and Justin Johnston.

We also had three Horse Bowl Teams participate at the Regional Competition. The coaches for these teams were Kathy DeBuhr, Heather Aanerud and Julie Kill. The team members included John DeBuhr, Mitchell DeBuhr, Cammi Aanerud, Jordan Carlson, Rebekah Aanerud, Elizabeth Golombiecki, Jennifer Knutson, Sydney Sperr, Savannah Aanerud, Micah Aanerud, Morgan Nelson, Shannon Kill, McKayla Petersen and Nicole Knutson.

We also had a Hippology and Judging Team that participated at the Minnesota State Horse Show. Team members were John DeBuhr, Cammi Aanerud, Elizabeth Golombiecki, Mitch DeBuhr, Rebekah Aanerud, Jordan Carlson and Jennifer Knutson. Coach was Kathy DeBuhr

Each year, we recognize the Grand Champions of the top 10 enrolled 4-H Projects. A local award winner was: Needle Arts, Jessica Lemmerman.

One aspect of 4-H that is not so visible, but very important, is the project records. They are an essential part of the learning that takes place in the 4-H program. The following local 4-Hers were winners in their designated 4-H Project Areas:

Beef: Brett Blackwelder, and Mac Kampmeier

Crafts and Fine Arts: Amy Berlinger

Dairy: Brett Blackwelder, Katelyn Blackwelder and Kent Blackwelder

Dog: Mitch DeBuhr

Horse: Diana Nelson, John DeBuhr, and Mitch DeBuhr

Photography: Amy Berlinger

Poultry: John DeBuhr, Mitch DeBuhr

Swine: Mac Kampmeier

Veterinary Science: Hunter Gonnerman

Record Keeper Awards were awarded in the Intermediate division, with Amy Berlinger receiving an Honorable Mention.

Livestock Interviews were conducted during the county fair. Winners in the Junior Division (grades 6-7), Honorable Mentions were awarded to Ashley Krier, Jennifer Knutson, and Mitch DeBuhr. Reserve Champion in the Junior Division was Elizabeth Golombiecki and Grand Champion was Diana Nelson.

In the Senior Division (grades 10 and up) Honorable Mentions were given to John DeBuhr, Brandy Johnson and Mac Kampmeier.

The Leonard Wulf Memorial Award is given to a beef project member that stands out to the other members as a leader. The 2010 Leonard Wulf Memorial Award was given to Mac Kampmeier.

The Jory Anderson Memorial Sr. Sportsmanship Award is given to a 4-H Horse member who shows good sportsmanship and serves as a good role model for new members. The 2010 Jory Anderson Memorial Sportsmanship Award was given to Diana Nelson.

The MacKenzie Haugland Memorial Jr. Sportsmanship Award is given to a member new to the horse project with a great attitude. The 2010 MaKenzie Haugland Memorial Sportsmanship Award was given to Nicole Knutson.

The 4-H Species Supervisors are a great support for the animal science programs throughout the year. They are Doug Ehlers, the 4-H Auction, Jon Moser and Scott Johnson for the beef project, Amy and Mark Blackwelder for the dairy project, Amy and Brad Searle for the horse project, Les and Kathy DeBuhr for the poultry project, Pam Disselkamp for the rabbit project, Amy Blackwelder and Judy Johnston for the Round Robin Competition, Judy Johnston and Pat Smith for the sheep and goat projects, and Steve and Lori Kill for the swine projects.

4-H Clubs were invited to participate in a 4-H Window Contest during National 4-H Week. The second place window went to the Swan Lake 4-H Club and the first place window to the Hodges 4-H Club. Congratulations to all of our 4-H members and volunteers for all of their accomplishments in 2009-10 year.

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