Sunday, May 30, 2010

st j kong parish news

services 6/6, 13, 20 Kong 8:30am St j 10:15 am 6/27 joint services 8:30 am st j

this marks the start of the summer worship schedule copies were included in the May newsletter copies are posted at both churches and are available from the parish office

st welca 6/1 1:30 pm KCLW 6/3 7pm

parish Bible study June 1st 7pm St j June 8th 7pm Kong

worship Cmte 6/3 7pm st j

council meetings 6/9 7pm at Kong

6/16 "seekers" 9:30 am Kong

6/19 bridal shower for Katie Bratten and Adam Erickson 10-11:30 am Kong

6/30 book club Ennen’s 1:30pm sky view worship 2pm

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