Thursday, May 20, 2010

new church neeeds


We need financial help in birthing an already growing mission start in the Morris, MN. area. And we’d like to be on the “list” for receiving benevolences from any congregation (s) looking to “give to a mission cause”. While Morris has two well establish ELCA churches, a significant number of local Lutherans have become disenfranchised and are seeking alternative worship locations, because their churches have chosen to remain mute to the assembly decisions in August. So we publicized an invitation to worship with us at a local community hall for traditional Lutheran worship and 68 came. At our next monthly worship, 86 came. We have outgrown our meeting hall, and found a location where we will be meeting WEEKLY by July.

We have been offered a FREE, vacant, 55 year “young” Lutheran country church (Good Sheppard rural appleton) that seats over 200, for moving it to a new location. It’s solid to move and in wonderful condition, equipped with pews and altar furnishing, and stained glass windows. Maximum cost to move 20 to 25 miles is about $ 47,000 (max) plus utilities (lifting/cutting overhead power lines) plus a new foundation for $12,000, plus the cost of a good lot. (?), checking it out. To me, it looks like a million dollar building (to build today) that can be had for $150,000 to $200,000, and a wonderful worship facility.

But more than the physical plant is the people of the area who are attending, whom we recently surveyed. Of the 44 completed replies, (some completed by couples) most answers were in the 40’s range, people said they wanted and would support a new mission start and would join.

We have had 100 ReClaim Hymnals donated, as well as a holy Communion set, and other supportive gifts.

We would welcome any further inquiry into the opportunities the Lord is opening for this mission start. We plan on becoming a LCMC church, as a sister church is doing in Alexandria, MN with our neighbor Pr. John Beem

Please confirm reception of this letter, and anything else to:

(Rev) Norman P Olsen (ret)

(320) 239-2618

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