Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

                                                                    Morris Mn Christmas 2017
I decided not to do a full Christmas letter again this yr. but just basically write about myself and my family.  Pr Buttons & I are still living in our home here in Morris  and plan to do so as long my health and other factors permit. I guess the best way to describe my health is “fair” as I tell people I am just plugging along one day at a time, as long as I can get up in the morning and put two feet in front of ea. other I am good for another day.  My blood sugars are still a concern take a lot of medicine every day for them. I have a sore on my hind end that does not completely heal up because of that.  The neck I hurt last year is better after a year of chiropractic treatment. I am still writing my column Donnelly news for the Morris paper. I keep busy on fb, attending events at my & other churches in the area; I spent most of the summer on the road again attending various parades, fairs, threshing shows, community celebrations & other events in the area again. I took a mini-vacation this year and made a return   trip to DeSmet S.D. to attend the Wilder pageant & do some sightseeing. I spend a lot of time running around town in my golf cart during non-winter months. My aunt Pearl Anderson moved from the west central homes to Skyview this year, as she needed more help with her daily activities, I try & visit her about once a week.  My cousin’s grandson 24 yr. old Steve Gibbs died this yr. due to some heart problems. I recently learned my cousin Elnora Ekholm in S.C. fell and broke her neck and as of this writing she is still in the hospital well waiting to find a nursing home or someplace she can move to. The Rest of my family is status quo, my cousin Carl (Billy), his wife Pat are still in S.C., my cousin Janice her husband Dennis continue to live & work in Alex, my friend Mark Koepke still lives in the Natures edge (Key row )apts a mutual friend & I helped him celebrate his 50th on Dec. 15th. I still belong to a few local org, the st co gen soc., st co rep party   & Donnelly community club
My contact info is ph. 320-585-6435 (H) 320-288-8692(c) e-mail; on the web at I am also on Facebook physical address 11 e 9th st Morris mn 56267
Yours truly
Allen Anderson and “pr Buttons”


  1. I like your letter and thanks for sharing it. Keep up the good work with all of your reporting on things local, hither and yon. Be of good cheer and stay warm.

    Curt Tilleraas

    1. my cmas pixs