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Next edition Dec 25th –Dec 31st.
Welcome to another edition of the Donnelly news. Merry Christmas from me and my “family”!
Please note that I have early deadline for next week; Dec. 29th so please keep that in mind if you have news for me. I plan to check my boxes on the aft of the 27th
Weather news: It has been snowy and stormy during the past week we got several inches of snow on the 16th/17th and again on the 20th so snow removal equipment has been kept busy. Fortunately temps have not been to cold. I have also seen some snowmobilers out as well as the groomer.
STJ/KONG PARISH News: Christmas day worship will be at Kong at 10 am today (sat) and there will be joint services at Kong @10 am on the 26th and at st J at 10 am on Jan 2nd. No ss either Sun.
The services will be broadcast on KMRS at 11 am sponsored by Jim and Lou Eystad in memory of loved ones. There are several dates available for sponsorship in 2011. If you want to sponsor a date contact the parish office for more info.
Since I am now an associate member of Gslc I will also be providing some news from them too. The Dec 26th service will be their Christmas service there will be no ss it will resume on Jan 2nd. Confirmation will resume on Dec 29th.
There will be a community Christmas dinner at noon at first Lutheran church in Mors today (Sat) free will donation.
There will be no wam meeting in Jan the next one will be in Feb.
Most Donnelly area business will closed today (sat) some may also be closed on Mon the 27th, most will close early on New Year’s Eve, and be closed on New Year’s day some may also be closed on Mon the 3rd too. Please check with each business as to what their plans are.
Doddie overson Williams informs me that they have changed the dates for the Donnelly girls get together in Rogers, it will now be held on the last sat of Apr and Sept at 1 pm instead of in Jan and July. I will have more info later.
There will be an open house on Dec 30th from 11 am -12:30 pm at the large courtroom in the courthouse honoring Herb Kloos who is retiring after 28 years as a county commissioner.
There will be an open house at environmental controls of Morris (172s county road 22) in honor of Mike Schmidt who is retiring after 28 years of work with on Dec 28th from 1-4 pm
Congratulations to Tyler Rouske on being named kmrs athlete of the game on 12/17
Our sympathy goes out to Clay and Marlene Van horn of Donnelly whose home was destroyed in a fire on Dec 19th.
Jack, John and Joan Kopacek were among those who took in the dedication of the remodeled courthouse on Dec 17th,

Enroute to Morris on Dec 18th I stopped at the site of the gslc to see the progress being made out there. The framing for the fellowship hall is up and they were working on the roof. Enroute home I stopped to visit my aunt pearl A Anderson
Jim and Lou Eystad and I attended the services at gslc on Dec 19th and the ss program at st J latter. Thanks to Laura Lehman and the rest of the teachers and staff for their hard work in putting on another fine program.
Jim and Lou Eystad brought some presents to members of the Heartland home in Morris and visited with some of the residents on Dec 18th.

For those of you with internet access you can find a copy of my annual Christmas letter on my blog.

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