Tuesday, December 29, 2009

donnelly news jan 2nd edtion

> Next edition Jan 2nd -Jan 8th
> Welcome to another edition of the Donnelly news. As we
> begin a new year I want to take a minute to remind you as
> to how you can get news to me: call me at 246-3227 or 287
> 1219 (you can leave a message on either phone if no
> answer); fax 302-361-5679 ;e-mail aeanders@runestone.net;
> snail mail 12103 county road 9 Donnelly MN. 56235; or leave it
> in one of my boxes at the PO or HD & CO in Donnelly or McCollar Jelwery in Morris. My normal deadline is Thur at 3 pm so I usually check my boxes on Wed and write my column on Wed eve so please keep this schedule in mind if you have news for me.
> Please note that there may be occasions during the
> next several months where the weather will prevent me from
> getting into town to check my boxes before my deadline
> so if you have a meeting notice or
> something important please be sure you leave it one of my
> boxes several weeks ahead of time or get it to be another
> way.
> As I was writing my column last week the forecast was
> calling for a major winter storm to hit our area over
> Christmas. Thankfully it was not nearly as bad in our area
> as they predicated although we did get enough snow to give
> snow removal equipment a good workout. Travel was
> difficult at times esp. late on Christmas eve causing
> several churches in the area including Kongsvinger to cancel
> services on Christmas day. There was also some blowing and
> drifting over the weekend and the roads were only in fair
> driving condition.
> STJ/KONG PARISH NEWS On Jan 3rd services will be at 8:30
> am at Kongsvinger and 11 am at St. John's. There will be no S.S. , the
> regular schedule will resume on Jan. 10th.
> Thanks to Craig and Cork Loge for sponsoring the broadcast
> of the Parish S.S. program and Christmas eve services on
> KMRS on Dec 27th in memory of Sig and Arlene Loge
> Thanks to Aryn Parker for her special music at Kong on Dec
> 20th and to Tom and Pearl Horning for singing and playing
> at St. J on Dec 27th. Special thanks to everyone who
> donated a poinsettia for the services, the churches looked
> very festive during Christmas.
> The WCAWA chapter will meet today (Sat) at the Glenwood
> Retirement Village (719 2nd St. SE) and not at the church
> in Glenwood. Note change of location! Coffee at 9:30 am
> program at 10 am.
> HD & CO in Donnelly will be closed today (Sat)
> Former Donnelly residents Doddie Overson Williams and
> Elaine Overson Storck are starting a "Donnelly Girls"
> lunch get-together on the second Saturday's of January and
> July each year. The first one will be on January 9th. It
> will be at Culvers Restaurant in Rogers, MN at 1 -
> o'clock. The address is 13605 Northdale Blvd. in
> Rogers. Any ladies who have ever lived in Donnelly are
> welcome to attend. Any questions, call Doddie at
> 763-477-5360 or Elaine at 612-385-8295.
> Learning unlimited will meet on Jan 13th at 1 PM, meeting
> place and program to be announced .
> Nicole Lee Mellgren was born on November 29, 2009 at
> Douglas County Hospital, Alexandria, to Jennifer and Mark
> Mellgren of Sauk Centre. Grandparents are Jeff and Brenda
> Volker of Morris formerly of Donnelly, and Jan and Larry
> Mellgren of Long Prairie. Great-grandparents are Lloyd and
> Elenore Mellgren of Fort Ripley, Ken and Mavis Christenson
> of Norfield, Lloyd Volker of Barrett, and Florence
> Christians of Herman.
> The December 26th edition of the Morris S-T contains a list of
> students at MAHS that made the first quarter honor roll
> including many students from the Donnelly area too many to
> list individually so I will just say congratulations to
> all of them.
> Congratulations to Jake Long of the WCA Knights wrestling
> team who won the championship at 145 lbs at the Big Bear
> Wrestling tournament in Cass Lake on Dec 19th.
> Dec 20th Joyce Steuck and I were among those from the area
> that enjoyed a performance by the New Wine troupe from 1st
> Lutheran at the WWV
> Dec 22nd several of us from the area took in the open
> house at the new office building of NHAS in Herman.
> Afterwards I visited with Selma Bruse at her apt in
> Herman. Later several of us from the area watched some of
> the girls and boys bb games at MAHS featuring some players
> from the Donnelly area.
> Dec 23rd en route to Morris I stopped in to visit my aunt
> Pearl A Anderson and wish her a Merry Christmas. En route
> home I did the same with my other aunt Pearl (Albert)
> Anderson. I also stopped into McCollar Jewelry to visit
> with Wally some and wish him a Merry Christmas..
> In the eve a good crowd was on hand at Kongsvinger for the second
> performance of the S.S. program "Sing a Song of Christmas"
> Thanks to Supt. Laura Lehman ,the teachers, the kids and
> everyone else who helped put the program together.
> Several of us from the area attended the Living Nativity
> Christmas Eve service at Faith Lutheran church in Morris on the aft of Dec 24th. In
> the eve Jim and Lou Eystad were among those of us from the
> area who braved the elements to attended the candlelight
> service at St. John's
> Jim and Lou Eystad attended the Christmas dinner at First
> Lutheran in Morris on Dec 25th,Neil Thielke of Morris was
> a visitor at their house in Donnelly on Dec 26th en route to Fargo.On Dec 20th they visited at the Heartland Home in Morris to deliver some presents and have some coffee with some of the residents from the DAC there . They were also recently at the DAC tea and visited Dave and Lavone Day and their son Kevin last week.
> Sam and Dorothy Jordheim spent some time over the weekend visiting Jeff and Gayle Gibson and family in Avon
>Bonnie and Jim Fabian of Herman stopped in to see her mother Pearl A Anderson on Dec 23rd. Larry, Peggy, Cassie and Kris Wilike spent some time visiting her on Christmas Day.Larry and Peggy took Kris back to her home in Phoenix AZ and are planing to stay there a while.

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