Saturday, October 1, 2011

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Next edition: Oct 1st -7th Welcome to another edition of the Donnelly news. Weather news; Indian summer has arrived with a lot of sunny warm weather during the past week. Bean harvest is in full swing in the area and some farmers have also been chopping corn for silage. . STJ/KONG PARISH News: There will be a work day in the Kong basement today (sat) at 9 am to finish cleaning the walls and paint them. The confirmation servant event churches united for the homeless in Moorhead has begun; you can bring items to the church from now until the event in Oct. For more info on acceptable items contact the parish office. If you have a cd of the Kong quartet concert that does not work anymore you can return it to parish office or Jeanne Ennen (with your name on it) and it will be redone for you at no charge. St J will have their annual fall festival on Oct 8th. They are looking for craft and white elephant items (new or nearly new) you can bring them to the church anytime between now and the 7th. There will be a special meeting for ST J members on Oct 9th following the 11 am service GSLC news: women of the word augustana dist. will have a gathering today (sat) at Christ the King Lutheran church in Hutchinson beginning at 9:30 am The fall grief share recovery seminar/support group continues at the Morris e free church in Morris on Mon eve, for more info call 589-2614 The following events are taking place today (sat) The SA is sponsoring a theme table brunch and silent auction/ quirky boutique beginning with table viewing at 9:30 am and Brunch at 10:30 am. Tickets will be available at the door. For more info contact Carol Wilcox at 589-3945 The annual meeting of Luther Crest bible camp near Alex will be held beginning with registration at 9:30 am meeting at 10 am with their fall harvest to follow in the afternoon at 1 pm. Contact the camp at 320-846-2431 for more info. There will be an auction at the Irene strand farm of rural Donnelly beginning at 10:30 am. For more info call 320-491-5004 LCM will have an open house at the Christus house in Morris during umm homecoming from 2-5 pm. At 3:30 pm there will a presentation by the student leaders on their mission trip to Calif. last spring. I saw the presentation last spring and it was very good so if you missed it then make plans to attend this one. For more info call the office at 589-4554 A reminder that there will be no more Saturday WAM meetings, look for details about the new learning center programs coming to gslc in the future Tis the season for church meals and other events some of the churches in the area having something are Zion (Appleton) Oct 5th Zion (Morris) Oct 8th, Our Savior’s (Chokio) Oct 8th, Nora (Farwell) Oct 16th,Glenwood Lutheran (Glenwood) Oct 12th The st co gen soc will meet on Oct 6th at 1:30 pm at the library in Morris On Oct 10th @ 7 pm, the fireman will meet at the fire hall and the Donnelly com club will meet at the town hall. HD & CO will be open until 4 pm on Sat through the hunting season Jazzney Star Frank was baptized at Kong on sept 24th. Her parents are Randy and Kelly Frank sponsors were Kristi Frank and Shelly Lowe The tri county horseshoe league tournament was held on Aug. 16th some of the winners include class b wally Giese 1st ,Nick Daly 2nd, glen werk 4th, class c Herb Kloos 2nd Arven Graff 3rd class d Andy brevig 3rd. Congratulations to Bryce Jergenson who was chosen as a sophomore attendant for the Mahs homecoming court and Kourtney Giese who was chosen as freshman attendant. Makenna Loge (Kevin and Shannon) was crown bearer, Sydney Byer and Kristi Kopel were queen candidates, and Jacob Moser was a king candidate. Brady Gillespie was a king candidate for c-a homecoming Congratulations to Landon and Levin Strand that recently earned their Boy Scout rifle and shotgun shooting badges The threshing bee royalty were among the participants in the mahs homecoming parade in Morris on Sept 23rd . After the parade I visited my aunt Pearl Anderson in her apt at the sunrise apts. Bennet Smith representing Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s office was one of the speakers at the dedication of second umm wind tribune on Sept 24th. Katie Geise (Brain and Holly) was one of the winners in the poster contest held in conjunction with the event. There were about 200 posters submitted. Jim and Lou ‘Eystad and I were among those who attended the play “godly women out of history” on Sept 25 at gslc and the community dinner at the sr. center on Sept 26th. After several years of discussion with my finical advisor, friends, family and others and a lot of thought and prayer I have made the very difficult decision to sell my farm, buy a house in Morris, and move there. Saying goodbye to the community that has been my home for over 56 years is very difficult but sometimes life forces you to do things you do not really want to. I will still be around attending various events in the Donnelly area and writing the Donnelly news. At least I will still have a part of Donnelly in Morris as my next door neighbors are Geo and Joyce Kramer. Please check out the ad in this paper about my moving sale next Sat. (Oct 8th) I should be living in my new house by mid Oct. I will have my new contact info next week however I will continue to keep my old contact info until the New Year. Jim and Lou Eystad and I attended the fall sale and supper at Faith in Morris on Sept 28th.

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