Monday, December 10, 2012

gs poinsettia

If you are interested in a poinsettia to be delivered to church with
foil and blows included they are $12 which is a$3 discount, $15
discount if you went to flower shop and got it. NO NOT AS CHEAP AS
WAL-MART or other such place, but remember these have been
professionally taken care of! You can not always be assured a department
store poinsettia has been watered properly or kept in a warm place.
Often check out personal are not aware these plants MUST be covered
completely before going on side in the cold.
If you want larger poinsettias these too are available for a higher price.
We have white (also known as cream) or red available. Last year we had
burgundy poinsettias ordered special in for our church. Not sure if
this late date they are still available. SOMETIMES, they do not last as
long as other poinsettias. If you have your hear set on that color. We
can check on ordering them or we can spray them a color too. Please
let me know if interested. You may call the shop at 320-589-3344 and
ask for Ellen, Judy or Chris, or call me at 320-760-4640 or

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