Monday, November 2, 2009

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DVD Mail Order Listing

Note: The following DVDs are available for purchase at $16 unless stated otherwise. For mail orders, add $2.00 per shipment. All DVDs are in stock.

When ordering, include your name, mailing address, check for order donation and e-mail address. Phone number is optional if you include an e-mail address. Be sure to state the quantity of each and the title and DVD number.

91010 – LCMC, What It Is/How To Join (and other info) Pr Dale Wolf, 1 hr 35 min

90927 – A Denomination At Risk, Presentations on The ELCA “Vote” and its Repercussions, Pr Jaynan Clark (WA Pres.), Bishop Wohlrabe (MN NW Bishop), Bishop Randy (ND East Bishop) - presentations 1hr 25 min, panel discussion 56 min

90909 – Foundations For Faith, Historical events as foundations of understanding God, our faith, and today’s church problems , John Kirckof, 7 Seminars w/ discussion questions
approx. 2 hrs

90901 – ELCA Churchwide Assembly Report, report and discussion by voting member Ed Siever, approx. 1 hr 30 min.

90830 – The ELCA Dilemma, Pr Troy Dobbs, Grace Church, Eden Prairie, MN, report from a non-ELCA church’s Biblical perspective of ELCA actions, 33 min.

81004 – Liturgy In Our Hymnal, Pr Robin Nice, Pt 1 – History & Role of Liturgy In Hymnals, 48 min, Pt 2 – Critical issues in Current Hymnals, 40 min.

71006 – Reclaiming The Lutheran Liturgical Heritage, Pr Oliver K. Olson
Bonus track: Core Convention Report by Pr Luther Johnson

Other church related DVDs

81217 – Children’s Christmas Program, Glenwood Lutheran, 17 Dec, 2008

70707 – Youth Mission Trip To Cortez, Cortez, Colorado – photos, Word file, Power Point presentation

61217 – Children’s Christmas Program, Glenwood Lutheran, approx. 17 Dec, 2006

60813 – East Zion’s 135th Church Anniversary Celebration, Aug 13, 2006

51210 – Children’s Christmas Program, St Paul’s Lutheran, Lowry, MN Dec, 2005

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