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Morris Minn. Christmas 2014
“Silent night, holy night, all is calm all is bright” With the words of this familiar hymn I greet you once again with my annual Christmas letter.
Weather news:It was a very cold winter ,with a lot of -0 temps, and snow, a late spring again, it was late May, before major fieldwork got going, but once they got going ,farmers were able to get crops in w/out too much trouble, some local heavy rains during the early summer led to some crops getting drowned out, and major damage to the local library and St. Mary’s school here in Morris ,by mid- summer things dried out, but some timely rains gave crops a good boost. Harvest proceed without too many delays, yields were good although not as good as previous yrs. Most farmers were done by early Nov. and just in time, as winter returned early this yr. with about a ft. of snow and some cold weather on Nov 11th. Mid Dec brought some unseasonably mild weather that melted a lot of the snow, but it did not last long.
Church news Rev. Mary Dodgson who had been our interim pastor at St. John’s/ Kongsvinger since early Oct ‘13, resigned her position in Oct., she and her sister moved back to the cities. A farewell dinner for her was held on Oct 12th, her final day here was Oct 15th. Rev Rochelle Anderson from Morris, filled in for several weeks, until Deaconess Deb Robinson from St Joseph MN accepted our call to be the new interim pastor, her first Sun here was Nov 30th; we had a welcoming dinner for her on Dec 7th at Kong.  Discussion is still ongoing as to the future of our parish. We had two young people confirmed in our parish this year. Other events included ss program at Kong. , Klcw advent brunch, 4th of July celebration, community block party featuring the music of the Orpheum family from Grand Rapids MN, a number of joint services and the usual assortment of pot luck meals.   GSLC news: this summer PR. Mike and Martha Hanson sold their house in Glenwood and bought the First Lutheran pastors house in Morris, moving into it on Aug 1st, his wife accepted a job teaching in Brainerd ,he stayed in Morris for a few months ,until accepting a call in that area. It is a very nice house, close to the school, and a nice big green lot next to it. PR. Martha resigned as pastor of St John’s-Starbuck in July to become a full time mother, and pastor’s wife, she helps out with ss at GS now, we shared VBS with Zion this summer, Sun a.m. adult Ed was discontinued in favor of weekly bible studies,. We had a special service to remember the victims of abortion; advent and Lenten services, the new addition has made things much nicer esp. during coffee hr. a new “boulder” sign was recently installed in front of the church funded in part by memorial gifts.  Future projects include paving the parking lot, and putting a steeple on the church. Other church events were living nativity at faith, a concert by the Hainey family in Elbow Lake, “new wine” homecoming concert at First-Morris, feed my starving children had another successful packing event in Morris again this summer, paraphrase theatre, and All state Lutheran choir concert at the LCMC church in Alex, captive free- great plains concert at the Kensington LCMC church, and Dakota road in concert at Trinity-Cyrus
Community news our annual Donnelly threshing bee featured some nice ford TRs this year with the horse pull and parade popular attractions again this year. Next yr. we will celebrate our 50th with a double feature anything made in 1965 and farmal tractors and machinery feature. We had good attendance at ice cream social and Halloween party this year; our royalty were busy representing Donnelly again this yr. at about 2 dozen parades and other events
Family news: As I am out and about the three most common questions I get are: “how do you like living in town”, “How you are doing”? And “How is Mark doing?” While I am happy in town, and glad to have a nice home, in a nice location, I do miss the country esp. in the summer time “You can take a boy of the county but not the country out of the boy” I get my “fix” by making trips to Donnelly, usually at least once a week, often times going across country to see what the farmers are doing, how the crops look etc. I bought a good used electric golf cart this summer, after giving up on my old gas one, after it kept burning out the coil and also invested in a used snow blower (easier on my back). My health is fair, blood sugars are better, still working on getting them more consistent ,as I tell people as long as I can get up in the morning and put two feet in front of ea. other I am doing ok. Mark is also doing well too; the follow-ups to his eye surgery last fall have all been good. He is scheduled to go to Mayo in Rochester early next yr. for some tests in his skin. His sister Linda, and her sister in law Sue, surprised him with a brief visit here this summer, she is hoping that she and her brothers Jimmy and Bobby will be able to come back this summer for the Herman all school reunion. We do not see ea. other as much as we used to, as he has his interests and I have mine, and usually are not the same. I am still writing my weekly column Donnelly news for the Morris paper I continue to receive a lot of compliments for it .esp. from former residents as I have found out “you can take a kid out of Donnelly but you cannot take Donnelly out of the kid” When not doing that I spend a lot of time on-line esp. on Facebook.  I was on the road again a lot this summer traveling to many community celebrations, fairs, parades and other events in the area. The rest of my family is “status quo” my aunt Pearl lives in apt here in Morris, I go visit her on occasion, my cousin Jan and her husband Dennis still live and work in Alex, my other cousins Carl (Billy) his wife Pat and sister Elnora are still in SC, I am still a member of the donnelly community club, Stevens co genealogical society, and the Stevens co rep party.  My contact info is e-mail  ph. 585-6435( h) 288-8692 (c) ad is 11 e 9th st morris MN 56267 my website is
One of the signs that you are getting older is the increasing # of visitations and/or funerals you wind up going to during the yr. and decreasing # of celebrations birthday parties, anniversaries etc. you go to. I did attend two significant ones this yr. a 60th wedding celebration for some friends, and a 99th birthday party for a former Donnelly resident at the nursing home in Morris.
Wishing you a very blessed and happy Christmas The Anderson‘s:   Allen and “Pr Buttons”

Dear Deaconess Deb this letter is a family tradition, 50+ yrs. ago my mom got the idea to start writing it after reading about it in a farm mag and started doing it.  She wrote it out long hand, and then usually found somebody to type it up for her, and had it mimeographed at the Donnelly school. As I grew up I began to help her esp. after I took typing in h.s. By then we could have it copied it at the bank. After I graduated from h.s I started doing more of it, then after she became ill I have continued on with the help from family and friends and now modern technology (i.e. computer & printer) make it a much easier job. My mom had a stroke in ’88 and spent the next 6 years in the Morris nursing home, my dad passed away in ’05 he was 97 years old. I have no brothers or sisters they were married late in life and she lost her first child was told she could no longer have other children but God knew better and a few yrs. later I came along. Mark is a former neighbor of mine who moved back up here after spending 30+ years in FL. He stayed with me for several months until he found an apt of his own, he is the one who named my cat Pr. Buttons.

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