Wednesday, May 23, 2012

ss awards

Lutheran Sunday School Pins were awarded to those who were absent 4 Sundays or less. 1st Year - Amaya Raths 3rd Year - Courtney Lehman, Austin Raths 4th Year - Travis Fults, Brandon Jergenson, Kylie Mau, Tristan Raths 5th Year - Garrett Eystad 6th Year - Lee Eystad 7th Year - Logan Mau 8th Year - Samantha Greiner 11th Year - Mason Dunn, Makayla Mau 2011/2012 Perfect Attendance - Mason Dunn Welcome gifts were handed to our Pr-K spring class group - Scarlet Bergstrom, Addison Cihak, Bryce Lehman, Lydia Pollard. Recognition Awards were presented to the following. Kindergarten - Charity Johnson 1st Grade - Andrew Longoria 2nd Grade -Connor Johnson 3rd Grade - Destiny Pollard 5th Grade - Brady Cardwell 8th Grade - Brittany Cardwell, Brady Jergenson

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