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Next edition June 25th-July 1st.
Welcome to another edition of the Donnelly news. Remember if you are going to be gone this summer to the cabin, on vacation etc. you can keep up with the Donnelly news by visiting my blog or the s-t website and I am also on Facebook
Weather news: Last week was mostly sunny and mild however this week it has rained off and on since Mon eve. What fields there are that have not been planted by now probably will not get planted this year. So far the crops are looking good.
STJ/KONG PARISH News there will be joint services at 8:30 am on June 26th at St J. Please note this is a change from what was announced in the summer schedule. There will also be joint services at Kong on July 3rd at 10:30 am followed by a potluck dinner.
There are also several other changes to previously announced events in the parish, the women’s book club will meet at 3 pm (change of time) on June 27th at Jeanne Ennen’s, the mutual ministry committee meeting has been rescheduled for June 29th at 7 pm at St J, the all committee meeting will be at 9 am on Aug 6th (change of time) and the block party has been rescheduled for that eve.
At the SW MN synod convention held on June 10-12th Kong was given an award for their contributions to the elca world hunger campaign

GSLC news: There will be a dedication service for the church on June 26th at 9 am (no communion) followed by a program “to honor the past and look forward to the future”. There will be a meal and fellowship to follow. Everyone esp. former members and pastors of the former gslc are invited to attend.
A trip to valley fair is planned for Aug 7th, vbs will be held on wed eves during Aug. for more info contact Pr. Mike
The new wine homecoming show will held on June 28th at 7 pm at First Lutheran in Morris.
Summertime means some sport activities in town. There will be ladies sb games on June 29th and on July 6th at Aanerud field. The tri county horseshoe league also has games at the court in Donnelly by the PO on Tue eves.
Due to the July 4th holiday the following changes will take place. The city council will meet on July 5th at 7 pm at city hall On July 11th the red hatters will meet at the Place to be at 1 pm (They will also have a meeting on July 22nd at 4-h food st in Herman at 11 am), the bookmobile will be in town at 3:30 pm, and the Rendsville 4-h club will meet at 7 pm

The Donnelly rod and & gun club will hold their picnic at the public access to Pomme De Terre Lake on June 26th at 2 pm
Correction: Harriet Rice of Morris passed away on June 12th, a nephew Darryl Gulbrandson is among the family who survive her. She was preceded in death by her sister and brother in law Mildred and Lloyd Gulbrandson
Dolores A. Jackson of Sioux Falls SD formerly of Donnelly passed away on Apr. 30th. Among the family members that survive her are her brothers and former Donnelly area residents Ron (Joyce) Holdgrafer of Schaumburg, IL and Gary (Mary) Holdgrafer of Edmonton, AB. she was preceded in death by her brother Delmar. I have posted her obit on my blog.
Myra Speer of Sauk rapids formerly of the Donnelly area passed away on Apr 27th.a memorial service will be held today (Sat) at the united Methodist church in Herman at 11 am
Irene Riedner of Alberta passed away on June 19th among the family who survive her is a granddaughter Elysia (Derek) Woodke and their family
Layla Long was born on June 2nd to Matt and Liza Long, grandparents are Sherman and Sherry Long, great grandparents are Adolph and Virginia Long.
Arden Frank and I were among those who attended the Kiwanis talent show at eastside park on June 16th, Cassie Hickman was the winner, a dance “troupe” “shake a tail feather” earned third place, Hailey Lesmeister (Casey and Daniele) was a member of that group. Earlier in the day I visited my cousin Bev Hurlbult at LL. She informs that her 15 year old granddaughter in Az. recently won a presidential scholarship. Enroute home I stopped in Donnelly to watch some of the ladies sb game.
June 17th I stopped into the center for small towns to visit with David Flugel and later stopped into McCollar Jewelry to visit with Wally some
June 18th Harry Kruize and I were among those who attended the Myron tractor repair sale in Morris. Later Jim and Lou Eystad were among those who attended part of the “play a thon” at Eastside Park in Morris.
June 17th Jim and Lou Eystad were guests of Tom and Colleen Dogotch at the Prairie Inn in honor of Father’s day.
The threshing bee royalty were among the participants in the Runestone day’s parade in Keng on June 19th. Afterwards it was off to tr. pull a quick reminder that we will have one again this year at the bee. Enroute home I stopped at shalom Lutheran for their pie and ice cream social and at the good Sam home in Hoffman to visit some friends.
Doug and Muriel Cardwell and I were among those of us that enjoyed a very exciting LL game in Donnelly on June 21st.
On June 22nd the Thorson Library in E.L. sponsored a presentation by Doug Ohman “Libraries of MN” that I attended. In order to accommodate another event the community club decided not to book him for this year’s bee but hopefully we can have him back for some future bee.
On June 23rd there was a sing a long at Immanuel Lutheran church of rural Barrett that I attended. The next one is July 20th

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