Monday, April 19, 2010

parish and area church events

there will be joint services at Kong on apr 25th at 11am ss kids will be singing and the services will be broadcast on KMRS at 11 am. Beginning at 10:00 am there will coffee and cake in the basement in honor of Lou Eystad's 75th birthday and Denny Bouresa's 70th served by Jim Eystad and Renne Thompson.

joint council will meet on wed eves APR 21 (k) 28th (st j) may 5th (k) and 12th (st j) to review info regarding the recent cwa assembly. once that process is completed we will be holding forums to share that info with the congregations.

seekers will meet APR 21st at Kong

abc sale at Zion in Morris on APR 23 from 3:30-7pm APR 24th 8-11 am

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