Friday, August 14, 2009


I spent some time at the St Co fair lot of people there and things to see. The fireworks were fabulous as always. One of the must see exhibits is Clay Van Horn's miniature farm. They put an awful lot of time and work into it so I hope many of you will spend some time in it. They said raised about $2000 for the Curtis Van Horn scholarship from sponsors of it. Be sure to check all the 4-h projects esp from the Rendsville 4-hers. "hats off" to the fair board for all their hard work in putting the fair together as usual they did a fantastic job from the fireworks to all the free state shows.

a huge thank you to everyone who helped pitch bundles on Aug 14th we filled up 10 racks so there there will be a lot of threshing going on. Thanks also to Parker Kloos for helping shingle the schoolhouse ,Sandy Dunn for working on the float and to the Rendsville 4-h for all their landscaping work around town and for painting the shirt shack /concession stand.

A huge thank you also to our royalty for doing an outstanding job of representing Donnelly in area parades and other events during the year.

Congratulations to our new threshing bee royalty queen Cammi Aanerud; princes Kristina Johnson; little Miss Donnelly Shannon Kill ;little miss princes Carrie Wilts

thanks to everyone who helped make the first day of our bee a successful one.

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